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Gareth Bowen
Gareth Bowen has over 20 years of experience covering everything from business, real estate, the law, development, and psychic development.
He is also the creator of

I come well qualified. Here's a range of my qualifications, both professional and academic which support my skills...

Academic Qualifications

Date Description
1998 Bsc Hons Computer Science - Durham University 2.1
1995 A levels History (A),MATHS (B),English Lit (B),General Studies (B)
1993 GCSEs 5 A's (Maths, History,Design, Nuffield Science Double Award - AA)
3 B's (Business Studies, English Lang, English Lit)
1 C (German j'ai preferer francais, mais c'est la vie, ca autra chose...)

Professional Accreditations

Date Qualification Description
01/06/2004 - 1/2/2010 MBCS CITP Chartered IT Professional - Member British Computer Society
01/08/2003 IT Project+ Project Mangement Qualification from CompTIA
20/06/2003 MCSD .NET Microsoft Certified Solution Developer .NET c# - Early Achiever
16/05/2003 MCAD Microsoft Certified Application Developer .net c# - chartered status first 5000
31/03/2003 MCSE Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer - Microsoft Windows 2000
04/02/2003 MCSA Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator - Microsoft Windows 2000
17/01/2003 MCDBA Microsoft Certified Database Administrator - SQL Server 2000
11/11/2002 MCSD Microsoft Certified Solution Developer - Visual Studio 6.0
23/04/2001 MCP Microsoft Certified Professional

1st Feb 2010 finally kicked out of the BCS for trying to promote my business

The fascist twats at the BCS have finally kicked me out for advertising on their mailing list. Even though they know its human rights web site and news site inter alia and theres a recession on as well. So I can only say good riddance to bad rubbish, as they are a bunch of religiously intolerent twats who objected to the satanist/pagan angle as well. What's the ppoint of a list for getting to know people ifg you can't say what your doing? come on, a waste of time.

 and now I'm out I can finally declare much like the British Government that they are no help to anyone and it is with much regret that I ever bought into their organisation or their qualifications in the first place. Call it the naivety of youth, when I thought qualifications matter, when I brought into the scaremongering and fear which they usually deploy to scare business off doing anything at all as I wished I hadn't joined, brought into the hype at uni now and it doesn't help you in business at all. notwithstanding the fact that they also left a huge gaping security hole on their email  lists which  they tried to cover up as well, and they are peeved for me trying to help them explain it. Oooops

Anyway I am no longer bound by their code of silence, and can reveal what really happened as I still have a copy of the emails which were exposed if anyone's interested in their f**kup

10/09/09 The "evidence" they are using to kick me out
28th Jan 2010
(signed for!)
Letter Notifying Me of My Removal
8th Feb 2010
(signed for!)
Letter telling me why (page 1)
Letter telling me why (page 2)
note: I sent them my views in an email before the hearing - but it appears they lost it, rather like the royal parlimentry courts of justice do.

Note: my recomondations are that any student thinking of bettering their career would be advised to spend the cash on hosting instead! As this lot are a waste of time and you will be judged by results, and not just words.

Stop Press 2016

I never got into work again. STILL unemployed after 9 years and I lost everything including all my houses and spent almost two years getting tortured on a mental health ward and when release December 2012 I was pulled in again and injected against my will again, which stopped me being able to work at a computer and it's only now april 2016 I have actually been able to sit at one to work. This site needs a rewrite, it was knocked up quickly when I was stressed not bringing any money in and the sex tree hasn't taken off to date. However I am now getting upto speed on windows 10 UWP programming for mobile apps, html5 which I will use in future, honest gov and now just want to get back into development again.

Microsoft Exams Taken

Exam Date Exam Number Exam Name
20/06/2003 300 Analyzing Requirements and Defining Microsoft .NET Solution Architectures
03/06/03 315 Developing and Implementing Web Applications with Microsoft® Visual C#™ .NET and Microsoft® Visual Studio® .NET
16/05/03 320 Developing XML Web Services and Server Components with Microsoft Visual C# .NET and the Microsoft .NET Framework
25/04/2003 316 Developing and Implementing Windows®-based Applications with Microsoft® Visual C#™ .NET and Microsoft® Visual Studio® .NET
31/03/2003 221 Designing a Microsoft® Windows® 2000 Network Infrastructure
07/03/2003 217 Implementing and Administering a Microsoft® Windows® 2000 Directory Services Infrastructure
20/02/2003 216 Implementing and Administering a Microsoft® Windows® 2000 Network Infrastructure
04/02/2003 218 Managing a Windows 2000 Network Environment
17/01/2003 215 Installing, Configuring, and Administering Microsoft® Windows® 2000 Server
14/01/2003 210 Installing, Configuring, and Administering Microsoft® Windows® 2000 Professional
02/12/2002 228 Installing, Configuring, and Administering Microsoft® SQL Server™ 2000 Enterprise Edition
11/11/2002 229 Designing and Implementing Databases with Microsoft® SQL Server™ 2000 Enterprise Edition
28/10/2002 100 Analyzing Requirements and Defining Solution Architectures
14/05/2001 175 Designing and Implementing Distributed Applications with Microsoft® Visual Basic 6.0
23/04/2001 176 Designing and Implementing Desktop Applications with Microsoft® Visual Basic 6.0

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