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Gareth Bowen
Gareth Bowen, has over 20 years experience designing and writing bespoke applications for a range of client needs...

Core Skills - Expert/Advanced

Having over 20 years experience in the I.T. industry we have wracked up a tremendous range of skills. In a lot of core business areas.  Having worked on  everything from large multi-nationals to small .com start ups. In a range of sectors. Means that with Gareth Bowen your in safe hands as there is properly no problem we haven't seen before. Whether it be technical, legal, or personal, we have something for you.

Skill Amount of Experience
c# Since 2002 ish
Technical lead on 4 large c# projects, See Citigroup, Centex and white rose for examples of live .net systems which I helped design and write from conception through to go-live. The architecture of these two systems were similar with the presentation layer being winforms. The middle layer using business objects and the data layer Sql Server 2000. Some reporting aspects made use of in a web GUI

Skill Amount of Experience
.NET Since 2002 ish
Started using .net from the first publicly available beta. Developed four large systems which have been proven in a live environment. Also done a few asp .net sites as well in between such as this one.

Skill Amount of Experience
Sql Server 18 years
Started out with Sql Server 7 before moving onto 2000. fully qualified DBA on 2000. With extensive experience in designing database schemas, performance tuning and routine database administration such as backup and restore. I have also used Sql Server 2005 and 2008

Skill Amount of Experience
RDBMS 20+ years
Designed most relational database schemas on most of the projects I’ve been involved in over the last 15 years notwithstanding Logica. Including normalisation and de-normalisation for OLTP and OLAP solutions

Skill Amount of Experience
OOD 20+ years
Extensive experience at designing business object models using a multitude of design patterns such as GRASP and Gof4 for two tier and n tier systems. That means I am completely familiar with using programming concepts such as inheritance, interfaces, high cohesion and low coupling, polymorphism, overloading and design patterns and am always considering areas that can be refactored and be reused.

Skill Amount of Experience
T-Sql 18 years
Extensive experience of writing performance optimised advanced queries for large systems, both OLAP and OLTP systems. Some data warehouse experience. Contributed to Waterstons best Sql practices.

Other Skills

These are skills I have used less recently, with less frequency or simply deem less of general interest then my my core skills. However you will still find a lot on this list which I have passed professional qualifications in.

Select a skill to view an overview of the expereince I have regarding it.

Skill NameAmount of Experience
Database Performance Tuning20+ years
Sql server DBA9+ years
web services4 years
ASP.NET15 years
DTS7 years
xml7+ years
xlst4 years
Crystal Reports4 years
Visual basic 65
COM5 years
DCOM2 years
MTS2 years
Oracle 8i3 years
PL Sql2 years
visual basic script5 years
Java script9 years
html15 years
DHTML5 years
ASP4 years
UML10 years
sharepoint2 years
Source safe15 years
Biztalk 20021 year
Commerce Server1 year
C++4 years
iis7 years
RAD12 years
XP methodology6 years
Skill Name
Amount of Experience
Quick Overview of Experience
Gareth Bowen has designed and built systems for a wide range of companies as well as providing business consultancy in a large number of areas.

Project Management

Gareth Bowen is no stranger to project managing projects for the life cycle. He has experience of numerous methodologies from Agile and RAD design to waterfall approaches and because of his development background he knows when things are going wrong as he has worked in every role, from requirements gathering to testing.

Having extensive experience in data migration, and software roll outs to live environments. He can help make your roll out a success and aid in stamping out those bugs before they get out of hand. 


Gareth has extensive experience when it comes to speaking with end users to ascertain what functionality they require. Dealing with every level in a company we can help prototype or specify what is required.

Real Estate and Property Management

Gareth Bowen has been in the buy to let market for over 7 years, meaning he has extensive knowledge of how the industry is run. Especially when you consider he has worked for mortgage companies, house builders and maintenance firms and has experience of repossession as well. Meaning Gareth has left no stone unturned, and has a unique understanding of the industry whether it be tenant, broker, mortgage lender, and landlord.


Gareth Bowen opened up to the psychic side around 2005 after dating an ex who did tarot and had precognative dreams. This took me out the game for awhile as I had to come to terms with it. Imagine richard dawking suddenly becoming psychic and you know it would be a crisis of faith. However it's a none issue now and while Up above can come in with things at times, it's rare and i've got back to the technical stuff again. I did the experiences of a satanic witch when sharing my experiences when trying to make a name for myself in an effort to break some of the stigma, prejudice surounding that area. Not that it matters once a techy, always a techy and I at least know where I stand with that.

Legal Skills

Gareth Bowen did try using the court system in protest of council tax once and went to the court of appeal, and royal courtts of justice without sucess and has gone through the recieving end of repossession proceeding when he lost all the properties he owned. He has fought mental health tribunals and wouldn't touch the system with a ten foot barge pole. I'm a computer programmer not a lawyer, however I did have an interest in human rights law and started compiling, linking to databases on don#t get me started on the torture thing which knocked me out the game for awhile.

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