Specialising in .NET, C# and Sql Server Development
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Gareth Bowen 
Gareth Bowen
Has been writing software for over 20 years and has extensive experience in delivering bespoke solutions to business today.

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Things I Enjoy

An expert in object orientated, database and application design. I can create you a site, or an application you can be happy with and help you streamline your business today...

Specialising in bespoke full stack software development, business managment, cost cutting and strategic advice. Gareth Bowen brings you the skills you need to make your business a success. Failing that you could just get hitched instead as I cater for all tastes on The Sex Tree

Experienced in developing bespoke projects from strategic inception to final delivery right through to data migration and go-live. I can do anything you need and guide you on your way. Including teaching psychic development as well.

Covering everything from requirements gathering, BSA work, design, development full life cycle, testing,  strategy, road maps, project management, data migration and final delivery, you name it, I can do it. Just state your requirements and I will be happy to meet your needs. Including Universal Windows Programming as well.

Catering for your Needs

I can do anything from sophisticated desktop development, to internet or intranet development around a range of architectures. Predominantly windows using a Sql Server or Oracle back end.

I have covered everything from small .com to large scale enterprise development work from small internet start ups to major plc's. I have seen the lot. Experiencing a range of sectors covering everything from retail, banking, media to high tech government projects including the European Space Agency.

An expert in object orientated design and design patterns to give you the very best in scalable, extensible systems. I am trained in a range of database architectures.

As a consultant I have  years of experience when it comes to performance turning databases, and delivering to schedule. Including data migration projects and business to business communication with biztalk as well. Hell I have even written my own version of it before and I have written business object generators as well.

I can also do flash, if that's what you prefer
Projects Worked On Include:
  • European Space Agency
  • Finance and Banking Sector
  • Retail Industry
  • Microsoft Gold Partners
  • .Com Start ups
  • Centex, house builders
  • waste management
  • Government projects
*** Stop Press - Internet security is a growing concern ***
Catching a hacker in the act... 27/08/08

This is a real life hack report from my work on thesextree. Which explains how my bespoke software caught a hacker in his tracks with a lame sql injection attack.

Is your site secure? Need help? Professional consultation available from me now.
Catching a hacker cover
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