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Project: Sector: Social Neworking/Media
Date From:May, 2007 Date To:Current
Client: Gareth Bowen Employer: Gareth Bowen
Project Size: 1 Project Value: Offers Considered
An International Social Networking and News Site, for letting like minded individuals get heard free of censorship, as well as letting people remember the good time with their ex's and lock people down rather than worry years later of people changing their story and you getting detained tortured by the state if you ever advance in your career at your later date.

allowing you the to write the news free of censorship, as well as staying in touch with loved ones past and present. (same as everyone else) however i did work on my own, while all the other corporations doing the same thing had more money, more staff and more money then sense.

So perhaps more a reminder that all i.t. corporations are bullshitting it, and to think whether people like me were ethnically cleansed from the work force for opening up talking about the occult, when trying to do my own internal projects which resulted in me being frozen out, starved to death by the industry at large.
Begin able to restore from backup after a period of almost 2 years being detained and tortured in Britain after that 2011 house repossession incursion where i lost all my land and was incarcerated for around 21 months under 'mental health' for trying to get my own business off the ground (see 1960's tv series the prisoner, for more information on how that one works)

Site speaks for itself, why not join it and try if for yourself at

Being able to even go near a computer after being pulled in and tortured again in 2013 while being injected against my will which lasted up to Feb 2016, as anyone going through that lot needs at least a year to recover from harassment by the state (or to be more specific that einsatzgrupen mutaween gestapo agency known as the NHS, that is constantly in breach of human rights law, and all ethics known to man including in breach of Hippocratic oath, and well human decency and common sense, and foresight with the consequences of their actions on their own jobs, and their own futures as well)

Getting off a CTO on on of those high court tribunal panels around June 2016 just before the if the to stat in Europe (EU) referendum took place.

Avoiding getting pulled in and tortured again during the UK snap 2017 political election. If any of the foreboding information i was picking up on was correct. (seriously some people have spent their entire lives getting pulled in to stop them recovering doing anything, like running a business)

I had security permission in (inter alia) to set privacy long before a certain main stream networking site (unfortunately they had money and more people on).

Unfortunately i was in captivity during when the mobile app and mobile web site thing became the norm and given the people network have zero customer facing skills, that is probably why they got the social networking gig in order to learn the hard way the consequences and loss of life of the lives they destroyed with their administration of it. (i.e. kicking people like me off their site in 2010 without just cause when they needed back up of friends (that word used extremely loosely), just before that period of starvation, which led to repossession, unlawful detention and torture predominately through injections by the UK which generally puts a damper on ever doing anything again.
Architect, Designer, Developer, Tester, Business Person, Journalist, DJ, Sales Guy, Customer Service, Manager, Sales And Marketing, Promoter, Accountant
Skills Utilised
C#, ASP.Net 2, Sql Server 2005, project management, Design, Architecture, Research, Analysis, Business Analysis, Sales and Marketing, Litigation, Politics, Journalism, Database design, deployment, development, admin, Customer Service, accounting, Survival, CCTV installation, Maintaining Sense of humor despite torture at hands of the system, Educating people by pointing good music out

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