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Project: WINFOPS (Windows Flight Operation Planning System) Sector: Defence/Space
Date From:January, 1999 Date To:September, 1999
Client: ESA - European Space Agency for Meterosat Employer: Logica PLC
Project Size: 3 Project Value: 150k GBP
Back Office tool to handle construction of timelines for Flight operations. Which detail commands to be sent and received from satellite during launch for ESA (European Space Agency). using excel as the container app, and Microsoft jet access database as the database store.

Predominately working on rendering flight instructions in excel, as was a com plug in for excel for date entry, checking, ordering, command sequences for satellite.

Wrote code for parsing (Rich Text Format)

Forget what the database format they were using now, something like scos 2000 [2000 correct not sure about the scos letter abbreviation wording as was 18 years ago], was a fun project though as was working with someone else who had been working on it first, and he had also been at Durham university in the year above me and some belgium? bloke if memory serves
bought system back on track as project was running over original time scales before I joined. My involvement prevented the company making a loss on the development of the system.

Staying diplomatic when the manager (or whoever) working on a different project in the row of desks in front pulled out the wrong plug socket when leaving the office, which crashed the desktop computers we were using which resulted in loss of work. hilarious
Write the system team of two. VB COM Plug-in using excel as front end with ms access
Skills Utilised
Visual Basic 6,COM, MS Access, source safe, OOD

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