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Project: DADF (Distribution and Dissemination Facility) Sector: Defence/Space
Date From:September, 1998 Date To:January, 1999
Client: Eumetsat Employer: Logica PLC
Project Size: 30+ Project Value:
Ground segment for receiving satellite telemetry data from weather satellite. Was responsible for writing general code including mfc as did some GUI screens in visual studio. This was actually a scary baptism of fire from uni as was given responsibility for writing tests for the multi-threaded classes. Templates on templates messy

Mainly remember writing c++ code to stream data structure packets to and off the underlying network layer for transmission.
Real exposure to working on a project split between Germany and England. Ah the delights of a 30 developer project and keeping sourcesafe sinked over a non existent network *shudder*. How things have changed.

catching a flight to travel to bochum on my own, on the second occasion.

Having the UK English testers German girlfriend side with me on the correct pronunciation of a German word after he had gone into me saying it was wrong, and trying to correct the pronunciation as that type of thing always damages confidence when trying to speak, learn a foreign language

Ordering a McDonalds in Germany when using the numbers on the menu in German.

Going to see the solar eclispse on Greenwich green (or wherever that was) after a power cut had taken the entire office down)

Does throwing up on the way back to Guildford after the Logica Space Divisions Christmas Party, count?

Moving to live in guildford not knowing anyone there, making new friends which predominately involved hanging out, drinking at the white house

Oh finding a flat to rent for £250 pound a month in the center of Guildford before I started the job, which was in walking distance of the train station when practically all the estate agents in Guildford were saying that all accommodation was £400+, as kept looking till found one i could afford.

I did spend a day helping HR when working at logica, to help with one of the recruitment days which meant travelling back to Newcastle area. however I Can't remember which project I was working on at Logica when I took part on that one or the date of it.
Writting c++ code. Worked on client site. Mixed teams commuting between london and Bockum, Germany
Skills Utilised
c++, source safe, large split team across Germany and Europe, Exposure to object orientated design in the real world

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