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Frequently Asked Questions regarding the type of contracts, work, employment I would be interested in.

Answers to Common Questions
Q1 Will you consider permanent job offer roles?
Yes, I will consider all offers depending on location and seniority of roles.
Q5 What type of roles will you consider?
Anything that does not conflict commercially or politically with any of my own internal commercial or political projects and goals.

I have many years experience working on developing bespoke n tier software systems whether it be desktop, web or mobile or hand held device development having started programming in primary school, and graduating commercially with a Computer Science Degree to work in Many Large Commercial Environments.

This includes design, Testing, Project Management as well as Requirements Gathering and Software Development. Covering everything from inception to final delivery including system role outs in a live environment. This includes data migration, B2B communication and Performance Tuning as well as Unit Testing.

I have experience of the Middle Tier, Presentation Layer as well as the Database back End.

Choice of Language is irrelevant, but I have yet to write my own assembler, compiler or my own operating system yet which I regret.

With My Witchy tastes working with hex at the machine level could be worth it.

Yes I can do the development from my own 'office' at home.

Q2 Do you operate under a limited company?
I was using my own company called Gothiclight LTD but when I failed to get enough work in when running to keep it running during the recession.

Before then I was working for a multitude of IT companies ranging from large PLC's and the Banks where I was doing projects for the European Space Agency amongst other things before ultimately going contracting and working for the Mortgage Industry using GothicLight LTD Company.

Regrettably I never secured any more work at that time and subsequently lost all the properties I owned which led up to that period of me being detained and tortured after declaring formation of a separate state in 2009 in protest at the courts arguing it's a democracy it can't be argued when protesting about people being prevented access to benefit, and we all know thousands died via starvation or suicide after that date and I did go without food for a very long period after that, before spending a couple of years being detained and tortured under the auspice of Mental Health after the armed police incursion in March 2011 which led to the loss of the property I was living in when I was shot and tasered 3 times for defending my land against an armed and hostile aggressor*[1]

Ongoing disputes and political differences with the British Government aside, with how they keep abusing human rights and starving the people to death and torturing them to prevent them from sharing knowledge, speaking their mind or saying anything. Which goes against the very principles of Mental Health and the principles of any good legitimate democracy.

No I'm not at this current time.

Currently only after permanent work. If I do a contract it will most probably use a third party umbrella company now.
Meanwhile I am just going to continue development while on receipt of welfare, though it is rather ironic they force people to loose everything built up before giving them anything back.

If I do reach a point where I generate my own income stream for self sufficiency, then I will reconsider forming another company but until that point is reached seemed little point for now.
However I did renew the sex tree trademark which can be confirmed via a search of the UK's online intellectual property office database. located here

*[1] The hostile aggressor in that 2011 incident against me being Durham Police going in hot with assault riffles in full body armour perhaps at the order of a crazed and ultra vires judge in a legal system gone mad, or the crazed orders of someone else or perhaps even at their own initiative but who knows what with Gorden Brown as prime minister back then having stated previously that no country would be invaded for failure to pay it's debts after one of those G summits, and what with Durham police having previously gone on the record they won't handle complaints or help people if they don't like your politics it doesn't change what happened.

Either way I was transferred to a secure facility after that and tortured without access to a lawyer while other people we're fobbed off with bull. but Hopefully their will be no more repeats of that type of thing anywhere in the world and Yet I have had no assurance ever that torture has been stopped by anyone yet, so I am working on the assumption that Britain still is detaining and torturing people to stop them doing or saying the things they want in life, to stop them running for office, sharing knowledge or being themselves or trying to make money with their own company and I can confirm that Britain refuses to give access to evidence while being detained in custody which is the same type of thing they accuse Iran and other nations of doing which means their justice system wh

Q3 Are you insured?
Not currently I went under and lost everything for a while

However I did have professional indemnity insurance to the value of £250,000 as well as public liability insurance and employment insurance to the value of £1 million when running Gothiclight LTD but that’s ancient history now.

Q4 What is you position regarding contracts?
I will only take jobs on which fall outside of IR35 legislation. This means I prefer project based contracts to time based. I will only sign a contract if my legal advisers advise me it falls outside of this legislation.
Q6 What are your rates?
Depends what for!

I am happy to consider offers. Submit a job request to me and I will consider it whether this be me joining your board and or team, or doing a project in house or something else.
I was going to say £35k when I was released from detainment for a permeant role after being tortured as I was on twice that before when I was contracting before the independence repossession siege, and subsequent torture and intimidation at the hands of my captors incident dented my confidence for awhile, but since recovering I have got back into working on my own projects again and started to enjoy software development again and thus have begun remembering I have skills and continuing where I left off, after that unfortunate hurdle of a delay!

This generally means your all considered incompetent fuck wits for not hiring me sooner, and you will pay the price if I get myself to the point I am able to make money in so I can turn my attention to settling old scores like the complete and inhalation of all your businesses via doing a better jog than any of you reprobates could do notwithstanding that little side issue of working out how to get rid of and remove the establishment of the mental health gestapo who are no better than the people who we're coming genocide on the T 4 wards in Nazi Germany in 1939 amongst other things.

Working for anyone else won't change that, and I have refreshed my memory and broken the pain barrier on my skill set again. So Make me an offer and I will consider any opportunity presented, depending what the role and where you would like me to focus my effort and how fun it will be.

Ideally I just want to be able to purchase a house out right to house servers and implement electricity generation and perhaps cover food d to offset starvation happening again.

However if Britain does plunge itself into a civil war due to the continued spread and establishment of fascism who has already demonstrated they have no respect for human rights, the Hippocratic oath or anything else, it's perhaps a mute point and you may as well enjoy life while you still stick your heads in the sand.

If left to my own devices everything I want to do will get done eventually, but in what order and by when is highly debatable and I wouldn't want to second guess on that assuming no force majeure that I am unable to avoid.

As I really want to avoid a repeat of me being unable to afford hosting and it going down for 2 and a half years notwithstanding all the other years lost to being tortured against my will which prevented me from working and concentrating at a computer for a time under the so mental health system which is detaining and persecuting people for political and religious views amongst other things.

That being said having experienced redundancy before as companies went under or were bought out, their are certain roles like coming in to stream line or fire people I used to know, which I would probably do for free!

Including helping other people do a better job so that they go under the old fashioned way.

The more I get done the more expensive I get

Q7 Why aren't you in the BCS anymore?
I got kicked out of the BCS for advertising on one of their email lists intended for members to communicate with each other.

They messed up on security and everyone was getting spammed and it was too tempting to send out a mail saying join in order to promote my own site as I was bringing no money in was running out of savings which did run out and needed work, and failed to secure employment which ultimately led to me going under, and going without food, and that repossession, being detained and tortured incident.

Unfortunately my site crashed under the load and they we're looking for a scape goat over their own incompetence. I refused to pay £100 for a rail ticket to travel down to London for the hearing. So they kicked me out. Bunch of anal retentives the lot of em.

Given they sent me a print out of the front screen with the human rights and pro Europe stuff I was doing, I never did resolve what their problem was as I think some we're just bitching about the use of the word sex, as any communication I sent at the time to rectify it went unanswered so yeah whatever.

qualifications are superfluous and I'd rather be judged by my ability to get the job done and make money and I wouldn't rate the BCS high at all or the qualifications of my computer science course which really could be improved a lot as a lot of things that I think needed to be covered weren't.

Q10 Did you develop the sites yourself or use third parties and off the shelf?
I developed and designed the entire site and didn't use thrid parties. I have never used out the box stuff other than that time on barbox where I used commerce server and BizTalk based on the insane decision of upper management as they had enough talent to do a better job with their own implementation which would have been quicker, better and more easier to expand.

Maybe sharepoint for bug tracking on another project but the rest is all me from database, middle tier and front end. I prefer developing my own stuff.

wait I am using other peoples rational databases, and operating systems, web server, hosting platform and compile and I know writing my own when I Was a kid or at university would have been better long term.

Replacing those is on my to do list, but not any time soon as I have other things I would like to get done and I know trusting a chip manufacturer is also insane, but I have yet to play around with enough electronics or equipment to fabricate my own CPU, ROM, RAM, interpreters and other things but it is a risk endured at peril for now.

I preferred functionality and information over look and feel, but am focused on trying to improve the look and feel of my own stuff, Another task to appease the has to look good, but not do anything crowd.

Q11 Are you single?
Yes I am and always will be I think now.

I thought I could rope people in to work on larger development projects but I'm not sure I have any friends left in the industry, so am more focused on doing it on my own. work wise and relationship wise which is ok as I can write large systems on my own if need be. meanwhile was an idea to help people find love by finding common patterns in their relationships and helping other people introduce and match make to one another, but I never found love. Still available for work and no women to distract me, hold me back

Q12 March 2017 - Why haven't you had any paid work for the last ten years?
I am or was concentrating on at least till the 2 and a half year hosting glitch of 2010 which occured when I had no money to continue to fund development, the period when I was starving to death, had all my houses repossessed in that 2011 police siege, where I was taken to a secure 'mental health' facility to be tortured via injections against my will.

However I was released 2 years later when after a year I started to familiarise myself with doing development again only to be pulled in and tortured again, where upon spent several years being injected against my will which prevented me from reading and working at a computer which stopped me doing anything again.

A year after they stopped doing that, is the point I've started to look at continuing where I left off and I'd much rather work on developing my own thing, rather than working withthe mainstream or people who would just annoy.

A month of actually focusing on a computer at a proper desk was enough for me to get back into development, start liking it again and know it's just a matter of getting through all the stuff I needed to have done years ago.

Times I tried to get into development again before that point, didn't work, no desk and I was doing it for interest from other people and got none. Then something shifted and I broke the pain barrier and decided to do it for me because I wanted to type of thing. Subtle but works.

Being tortured, and injected against my will did slow me down and is something that perhaps needs to be repaid.

Beyond that I really aren't in the loop,
as how do we say this while 'up above' or 'the other side' as in those who pass information on not of the physical realm as far as evidence goes not sure what if any game plan is.

Picking up on some work environments for a time could be irksome shall we say and usually better to avoid those type of back stabbing corporate dog eat dog environments and prefer either to work on my own, or with those who are nice and just say what they mean rather then try to say one thing, do another behind people back which just gets relayed back anyway.

So since I had written off the industry as religious intolerant in avoiding psychics in techy jobs. I am not holding my breath for change. That and I was a pro Europe, pro freedom of movement, pro human right, anti none consensual torture vote.

I suppose I could have wined and dinned people when I had money coming in, but I was was one of those geeks that focused on developing bespoke systems rather than corruption and bribery in the meantime.

Those hick ups aside, I will hopefully make up for the 7 years development time lost by the NHS, courts and britain trying to stop people like me getting anything done!

I will perhaps start networking, trying to push numbers again but not promising anything anytime soon. However before I go in with sales and marketing again their are certain things I need to have got done, but it will be progressed just not sure at what speed.

Q13 Can you speak foreign languages as the foreign transations on this and your other site seem iffy at times?
I translated and into the un languages when I needed work many years ago when I was trying to decide what to do as a Chinese girl I was speaking to in china kind of infused me to go multilingual for a bit and I thought it would possibly help me secure work.
However I used online translators to do it not being that good at languages myself, as was more interested in proof of principle and am ok with other people doing the translating for sites I do.

Also I do know some professional language translators who could possibly do a better job but as I didn't have any money coming in I didn't justify hiring for myself. They speak a variety of languages and usually charge per word count but I am happy to refer if necessary.

While I do know some french what with having lived with and dated a french woman for a few years, I have got extreamlly rusty at my german and have tried learning a bit of spanish and know the odd work of chinese and welsh, and perhaps the odd korean and japanese number. However recognising their symbols is not something I can currently do. none the less multi lingual sites for a multilingual world are possible to do!
However it usually helps if someone can speak the language to verify if a translation is any good hence why I wouldn't comment myself if anything makes sense outside of the English language there!

Q14 Communication issues and dark web issues
It has come to my attention that twitter doesn't always tell me if a person replies to a tweet i cc them in on which means you can assume it hasn't been read.

and given previous issues where mobiles don't forward text messages on and emails to some people.
dont assume messages get delivered and what with search engines not showing sites on search results you can't assume any message ir email got through.

Spoken call might get through, video or face to face meeting are definitely safer but other agencies, parties could be illegally breaching privacy and monitoring, and or filtering communication out, thus think and engage your brain before you speak and go on record with things.

Currently my contact form relies on forwarding to an email. However creating a sextree account and emailing me on there at least means you will know if the message girly saved and thus means i will see it as twitter either can't code for toffe or are extremely unethical trying to screen people out from bring visible to others which wouldn't surprise me based on clairvoyant information from years ago.

I do have contacts and still speak with about one person on Facebook see replies posts on that at least fron some,people so that is possibly ok as an alternative. But that rarely shows anything up.

However that being said someone in 2014 did send me a text after getting my phone number from someone else and asked me out on a date in durham and i did get that message and resulted in a few months of sex, but that could just be people getting sloppy.

If sending christmas or birthday cards or letters please include your address, telephone, and or email as assuming any of my address books survived is insane as some people did years back and i couldn't send return card as didn't know address and that was annoying at the time.

Deliveries, letters do go astray or are delayed perhaps because they are being routed Via other agencies or perhaps just getting lost by a crap postal company who knows, and i perhaps dont care but i know some people including myself have stress if they think messages aren't being replied too, or being ignored at various times of their life.

Reason companies governments censor, possibly are they dont want people knowing about abuses like torture they commit, or they just want to censor knowledge or skills while they profit at others expense.

Those who are deliberately blockading i think are in breach of right to association amd breach of personal family life and unfair compertition law inter alia but doesn't get round issue of did message get through.

Hence not sure if i count as dark web these days or not, given i go by name of gothiclight or if dark web is just the corporations fleecing the man. But that's perhaps just symantics, interpretation and point of view. But anyway assuming anything is insane.

Given way system detains and tortures people under mental heath for politics and other views, showing up to speak to some if not all was deemed risky by me based on my knowledge of how uk propaganda and uk abuses of law is applied at least in short term.

However their ability to intimidate weakens after awhile given enough people have seen their bullshit on medication for what it is, as longer people off meds amd that's been well over year, the weaker those criminal agencies get regarding how the propaganda conditioning of the populace go with that system as is. But given those torturers still work in those positions, doesn't really bode well.

But anyway ignorance is bliss as the saying goes, but beyond that, yes the uk illegally details and tortures people Didn't you get the memo? Oops well, nevermind. I didn't either which is when i was tortured it came as a nasty surprise ss i didn't think people in Britain would. And they did.

So yes, meanwhile pleased to meet you. I'm Gareth. How are you?

Q15 Guiding principle in how i formulate logic in political decisions
I base and sense check all decisions on freewill and consent as i think any other argument that erodes that line destroys the entire planet in thermo nuclear war or some other global disaster. Those who try to turn democracy into a removal of civil liberties in an an effort to get a totalitarian state are generally f**king everyone as democracy should be about pooling resources and looking at ways to expand opportunity, fun and helping to improve everyone's lives not just the many or the few.

I look at how a ruling can be used against me and others in other contexts which is why i tend go down the middle, and why i avoided joining the authoritarian mini hitler sheep who keep trying to justify an erosion of freedom which ultimately destroys the planet as they should have looked to inspire confidence and love instead.

I tend to be neutral initially but usually go one way or the other on an issue after looking , i state my reasons and rarely move sudes unless i hear an argument or logic i havent heard ir considered before which might switch my opinion on some close calls but not necessarily.

And i am of the view that people who sit on the fence trying to humour or play the sides get killed by all sides if they they argue one thing to one group and another to another. I expect people to state what they believe and what reasons experiences knowledge caused them to reach those conclusions. As i always have given my reasons and its annoying when people detain and torture people for explaining how conclusions were formed. Citing mental illness while they themselves we're unable to produce any evidence to go the other way meaning they are nothing but murderous monsters in the end.

See my politics faq for which way i stand on majority of issues

I don't recognise authority of majorities who try to vote and destroy the freedoms of individuals one or few and will always look to hoping they remember they are supposed to help all people out and expect people to be given the benefit of the doubt until proven otherwise.

Though i always like it when everyone's lives are improved so long as it doesn't erode freewill and consent. Thus positive enticement tends to work over threats.

LANG culture fix 21st Nov 2017

noticed a bug from a long time ago where drop downs wern't being populated if culture set to en over en-GB I put a fix in to resolve, but haven't checked elsewhere on this or

so if having an issue and selecting culture on my site doesn't resolve, you can try adding GB for Gareth Bowen in so en-GB over en in your wen browser settings to see if that resolves anything.

If still encounter issues on any other culture send me an email with the culture setting your using and i will look into it.

as i didn't go their in full with languages at the time (pre torture house repossession era) due to lack of commercial interest at the time.

sorry about that, if i notice an issue i do get round to fixing, but if you need a fix sooner point out as I've forgotten most of the functionality I've written over the years.

Q16 What domain names do you own?
Domain names i own and run currently and wrote from inception as bespoke bespoke software include:

Any other domains pertaining to be a web developer or designer by the name of Gareth Bowen trying to syphon work off aren't run by me. So avoid them and use contact details on this site instead. You can do a whois lookup on each of the domain names to confirm, ownership and address,,contact details I am using on this site are the same. You can also check the uk trade mark registry for the sex tree trade mark registry which also will map back to my address here.

If you have any other queries feel free to contact me on 07490677002, which is a uk mobile phone number. International, local calls for me cost 3p check your own networks for your own call costs to it, or send me a message on the contact form of this site, or on the sex tree or Facebook or twitter (gothiclight) if you want me for anything. Thanks.

And I might get out of bed to fix that bug just noticed. Putting this entry in.

Q17 Policy on Call Logging
Assuming phone software works all calls I make recieve will be recorded by me to use for customer training and my your protection, assuming the technology doesn't pack up at time of call or if I forget to press the record button.

The reason for this is I was detained and tortured on uk mental heath wards and discovered that way too many people working in the system (nhs, social workers, lawyers, judges, police, recruiters, lay people, psychologists,social workers, water board) could perhaps be described as unethical lying sacks of corrupt shit and as such i would like to get more accurate quotes. And given law suits like sarkozy in europe, being done for having calls monitored while speaking to a lawyer, means I no longer trust the british system which I know detains and tortures people, meaning Britain breached the Hippocratic oath, nuremberg code, geneva convention and other human rights law and I've read way too many perjury cases and well detention, torture for political, religious belief tends to agrovate after awhile and certainly at the time as well.

Sorry sign of the times.

Any honest law abiding sooth speaking citizens who has ever been detained, tortured or sat through or endure one of those bullshit tribunals with torturers present or conversed with anyone representing, contracted or employed by inter alia the NHS, courts, psychology, or the police, will be yeah what ever with this. You can always use text unless your worried the system will pull you in and torture you for speaking. In which case you perhaps appreciate why their were silent orders in monasteries through the centuries.

How long I will store any recorded conversations, texts for another issue. (probably not long enough)


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